Waxel Newsflash #2

After a couple of days I’m now back from my vacation and the team is complete again.

I’m very proud of my team that everything worked out so smooth even when 1/3 of the team is away

Now as I’m back it is time for a short News Flash:

  1. As of today we were able to stake 45k $NEFTY tokens in order to reach the highest level 3 so we can benefit from ALL features on NeftyBlocks
    • Additionally we have some more tokens to be in the top 100 holders of the #NEFTY token and will most probably add them to the liquidity pool to further support the project
  2. From the last drop you guys have purchased:
  3. The Waxel Ninjas Collectible is at 1,717 of 10,000 purchased packs, which means we are 283 packs away from our first milestone: https://neftyblocks.com/c/waxelninjas1/drops/29449
  4. The Waxel Friends Group Photo #1 was purchased 122 of 500 times: https://neftyblocks.com/c/waxelninjas1/drops/33143
  5. Our Twitter follower count is now at 1,779 followers so we are very close to the next milestone of 2,000
  6. The Discord invite contest is still running and anyone can still be on the #1 place to win a Waxel Ninja Avatar

What are the next steps?

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