Waxel Newsflash #1

This time we wanted to give you some updates on what has been done in the past days and what we are currently working on:

  • With the help of one of our Discord members (Theif) we revised the Waxel Ninjas – Rarity Table
    • The formula is now a bit more complex and should give better results
    • We are still not 100% happy, but it is better than the first version
  • A request was sent to AtomicHub to also verify our collection
    • The collection is already whitelisted (which is way more important), but a verified collection also gets an additional “orange tick” which leads to one less info / warning on AtomicHub when you buy an asset on the secondary market from our collection
  • There will be a special Waxel Friends page added to our homepage with some additional information regarding our friends
    • The next Waxel Friend is also in the works and will be revealed this week
    • By reaching 10 Waxel Friends we are going to create a limited Waxel Friends group photo NFT that you will be able to purchase
    • We are also going to do something special with all our Waxel Friends, but this is still a secret
  • Regarding the homepage: we are going to add a news section where past and upcoming important updates will be added such as drops, new Waxel Friends, podcasts, AMAs etc. additionally to our announcements in Discord
    • This way we will have a history that interested people will be able to check out as most probably none of the new members are going to scroll through all past announcements in the Discord #Announcement Channel
  • We are in talks with several other WAX projects to establish collaborations and create a Metaverse in the WAX ecosystem to give the Waxel Ninjas Collectible more value and utility
    • For example: we reached out to Wax Arena to be added to their game with the Waxel Ninjas Collectible
    • In September there will be a community vote in which (of course) the community will be able to vote on projects that should be added, so we will need your help to get in!

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