Waxel Easter

Easter is around the corner and of course we had to prepare something for you guys 😉

One of the Waxel Ninjas is a big fan of Easter and wanted to do something special this year.
So he went to his room and hand-crafted a bunny outfit:

As a thank you to the whole community for these past awesome months everyone will be able to claim this image as a Waxel goodie for free!

Giving out NFTs for free on the WAX blockchain is a bit tricky, because bots find out pretty fast about them and mint hundreds or thousands of them in a couple of minutes. Therefore we came up with the following idea:

  • Starting on April 16th (00:00 CEST) you will be able to fill out a special google form for 48 hours
  • In this form you will have to fill in your WAX wallet address, Discord username and email
  • We will then go over that list to remove obvious bots
  • The wallets of the valid entries will be put on a whitelist and you will be able to claim your Waxel Ninja Easter Bunny on April 18th
    • There will be an announcement when you will be able to claim your NFT

There is also a new emoji and sticker on our Discord server 😉

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