Waxel at DYGYCON 11 – Events

It’s time for DYGYCON 11 and we have some games planned during the event 🎉

Join the DYGYCON 11 here!

Between 09/23 and 09/25 – Scavanger Hunt

What you have to do to take part:

  • Check out our booth (which you can find when you join the convention and enter the building in front of you
    • Turn slightly right and look for the Atomic Hub “door”
    • Run into the swirl to get into the room and after joining the room you can already see us on the right side)
  • Check out our presentation to find the CODE to turn into a super cute Waxel Ninja Avatar
  • Take a screenshot of you (as a Waxel Ninja) at our booth
  • Post it on Twitter with the following Hashtags & Tags:
    • #dygyconscavengerhunt @dygycon @Waxel_NFT and your HIVE WALLET

Day 2: 09/24/22 – Waxel Ninja Word Search

Info and rules:

  • The game can be found here:
  • You have 24 hours (09/24/22 start at 00:00 AM CEST) to find all 35 words
  • Afterwards you will have to fill out the following Google form with a screenshot of the solved Word Search Game, your WAX Wallet ID etc.
  • Your screenshot should look like this
(this is just an example and not the actual game)
  • We can only include entries within the 24 hour time frame


We will draw 3 winners (each winner will get 1 of the following 3 NFTs)

The winners will be drawn randomly via wheelofnames.com.

Day 3: 09/25/22 – Twitter Giveaway

Info and rules:

  • Go to our Twitter account
  • You have 24 hours (09/25/22 start at 00:00 AM CEST)
  • Check the pinned post
    • Follow us
    • Like & retweet the pinned post
    • Tag 3 friends
    • Comment with your WAX ID


The winners will be drawn randomly via wheelofnames.com.

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