Volunteer Moderators Wanted

Since our start in Mai last year we have been growing slowly and organically without artificial hype and build up a very healthy, friendly and respectful community.

Thank you very much to everyone who has joined us until now. You are the reason why are trying to give 110% every day!

We are getting at a point where the Discord gets more active every week, more eyes are looking at us and we are pretty sure that with the release of the Waxel World a huge amount of new people will join.

These new members will need a warm welcome, guidance and help with any questions they have.
To keep our community healthy, friendly and respectful we are now on the search of 2-3 volunteer moderators to help us.
This would also allow us, the core team members, to focus more on the product.
But don’t worry, we will still be around to communicate with you on a daily basis, but tune it a bit down and let the moderators help with questions etc.


Before you apply, it is important that you know what being a moderator is about:

  • Moderator positions are on a volunteer basis and the workload varies daily
    • Some days a lot of activity can occur in the channels or a lot of new people are joining
  • Being a moderator is about guidance and maintenance
    • You could compare it to being the awesome mum / dad at home that keeps everything together, cleans up and looks her / his children grow
  • As a moderator, you act as an extension of the team and represent the whole Waxel community

Who we are looking for

  • Members who wish to give back to the community through moderation
  • Members who are supportive of the community
    • Everyone’s allowed to have their opinions, but as a moderator, we want someone who’s interested in contributing to Waxel in a positive way
  • Members with a thick skin who are comfortable with confrontation whilst not being prone to it
    • Being able to handle feedback and constructive criticism is an important part of the position.
  • Members who will be able to work well with the existing team members / moderators
    • You don’t need to be friends, but being able to work well in a team and coordinate on tasks is crucial
  • Members who are trustworthy


  • Be an already active member in the community
  • Proficient in the English language, although proficiency in a second language is a plus
  • Have an above-average understanding of Waxel and the gameplay mechanics of the Waxel World
  • Bonus (not a must have):
    • Use a Waxel related profile picture / avatar


  • Spam management
  • Identifying and deleting inappropriate messages / content
  • Responding to queries from members
  • Being respectful, friendly and a good role model for the community
  • Bring in your own ideas for more engagement in the community such as planning of events, competitions, giveaways etc.
  • Bonus (not a must have):
    • Also active in other Discord servers and/or Twitter to spread the word about Waxel (no spamming!)

What we offer

  • Being part of a growing community and direct access to the team behind Waxel
    • The more successful Waxel becomes, the more we will be able to give back
  • Being part of the plans for the future of Waxel and bringing in your own ideas shaping it
  • NFTs and merchandise at a not fixed rate / amount

How to apply

Just will out this form and we will get back to you if we think you are a good fit for the role as a moderator 🙂

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