Update to Waxel Ninjas Wallet Checker and Market

The past days we got the following question asked a lot “How many demons are still in packs?”.

You can get that info be searching for the “neftyblocksp” wallet and check how many Waxel Ninjas are still in that wallet as this one contains all of them.

So I started working on how to query the Wallet and just get the number of how many Waxel Ninjas with the demon race are still in that wallet, but than fell down the rabbit hole and came up with a bit more that I think is pretty neat for every Waxel Ninja holder.

As of now when you check a wallet on our Waxel Ninjas Wallet Checker or use the Waxel Ninjas Market, you will get displayed some interesting stats.
Here for example are the stats for the “neftyblocksp” wallet:

We hope that you will like this addition as that way you can very quickly see what traits your Waxel Ninjas have overall or which ones are currently listed on the market with these traits.

PS: Checking the “neftyblocksp” wallet can take about 1 minute, because the API only allows to check for 100 NFTs every ~600 ms and then all of them also need to be loaded on the UI which leads to heavy load. Therefore please don’t check that wallet too often.

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