New Discord Moderators

As mentioned yesterday, today is the day where we are going to tell you who is going to join the @Moderator team!

We had a total of 17 applicants.
We really thought that only 5-6 people would apply, but having so many people being interested in becoming a volunteer moderator is unbelievable and shows how much love lies within the Waxel community.

Let us just go straight to the people that we have chosen to become moderators at Waxel:

  • @michut#8871
  • @SMITE#7328
  • @Brooklyn#7292
  • @XxDeddxX#8294

Huge congratulations to the new moderators!

Thank you very much, that you are willing to support us and the community to keep this a friendly environment and make it even better.

It was really really hard to pick the moderators as we got so many good members in our community that wanted to become one!
Hence why we decided to up the limit from originally 2-3 to 4 moderators 😉

We thought for a long time who to choose based on many factors like for example activity, how you have been interacting with the community in the past, special skills, timezones etc.
So please don’t be sad if you didn’t make it :pray:
As we are hopefully going to grow even bigger, we will for sure need more moderators and the ones that already applied are on our shortlist 😉

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