Milestone #3 Achieved – 6,000 purchased Waxel Ninja Packs!

It went a bit under because of the focus on getting the Waxel World out and our Settlement upgrade NFT drop next week, but we wanted to inform your that we have achieved the 3rd milestone on the 23rd June 2022 regarding 6,000 purchased Waxel Ninja packs!

Everyone who has purchased at least 1 Waxel Ninja pack from the official drops (whitelist, discounted and public) during the first 6,000 sold packs, will be eligible for taking part in the raffle of becoming 1 of 5 Waxel Friends.

Let me just copy what this is about from our official Waxel Ninjas page:

5 people that bought at least 1 pack from the main sale will each get a special customized Waxel Ninja and will be added to the Waxel Friends schema like ‘StacheRusty the Red PandaSenor Lupe and more.

If you are interested in this milestone, you will need to fill out a google form with the following information: WAX wallet, email, Discord username, a high quality picture of you, favorite color, hobbies and special characteristics (if applicable). If all requirements are met in the google form and you have really claimed a Waxel Ninja pack leading to this milestone (will be checked), 5 valid applicants will be raffled out by using (live + video proof).

As getting the Waxel World out is the most important thing for us at the moment, the raffle for this milestone will take place after the release.

Thank you very much to everyone who has purchased packs the whole time!
Without you, we wouldn’t be able to work on this project.

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