Milestone #2 Achieved – 4,000 purchased Waxel Ninja Packs!

We really did it and achieved the 2nd milestone on the 22th March 2022 regarding 4,000 purchased Waxel Ninja packs!

Everyone who has purchased at least 1 Waxel Ninja pack from the official drops (whitelist, discounted and public) during the first 4,000 sold packs, was eligible in winning 500 WAX.

There have been a total of 783 unique buyers and 5 of these got the chance in winning 500 WAX each.

We have used the well known application to determine the 5 winners.
As a proof that the drawing was fair, we have been recording it and uploaded the video to YouTube:

Congratulations to the 5 winners:

  • 4c4uk.wam
  • 5.rys.wam
  • 1nfqw.wam
  • mggiw.wam
  • eeib4.wam

The 500 WAX have been already transferred to your wallets:

Thank you very much to everyone who has purchased packs the whole time!
Without you, we wouldn’t be able to work on this project.

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