Launch of NeftyBlocks marketplace

Today the marketplace from NeftyBlocks was launched!

Now you can buy and sell your NFTs either on AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks.
It doesn’t matter if you create the offer on AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks, as the offer will be displayed on both marketplaces.

There is one big difference. If something is getting purchased on the marketplace of NeftyBlocks the buyer and seller will be rewarded with a portion of $NEFTY tokens.
The first 2 weeks the amount of $NEFTY tokens is even doubled compared to the regular reward.
So in the future you will directly help the collections even more by buying the according NFTs on the NeftyBlocks marketplace and also benefit personally from it by also getting $NEFTY tokens.

Also every collection has pretty much their own marketplace inside their collection page instead of a general marketplace with all collections in one spot.
For example you can head over to our marketplace 🙂

In the coming weeks more features will be added to the marketplace like custom filters, a sale history etc.

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