Krypto Kumas x Waxel – Collaboration Drop

It is time for a new collaboration drop!

This time we are doing a special collaboration drop with Krypto Kumas!


It is a special pack drop with 5 Krypto Kumas dressed as different Waxel Ninjas!

  • Drop link: NeftyBlocks
  • Date: On the 17th August 2022 at 8PM CEST
  • Amount: Unlimited for 72 hours
  • Price: 25 $WAX
  • Waxel Kumas per pack: 2
  • Chances:
    • 35% – Human (Common)
    • 25% – Orc (Uncommon)
    • 20% – Undead (Rare)
    • 15% – Elf (Epic)
    • 5% – Demon (Legendary)

We hope you will enjoy this collab drop as MechaMonster did an awesome job!

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