Honeycomb Discord Bot

We recently added a new bot to our Waxel Discord – this bot is called: Honeycomb (created by SixPM Software)
Honeycomb is a bot created especially for communities built on the WAX blockchain. The key feature is to link any of your WAX wallet to your Discord account. With this link it is able to assign various roles. The bot periodically checks all linked members and their wallets to make sure the NFT is still in this wallet and has not been transferred. If it was sold or transferred to another account, the role is automatically taken away from the user by the Honeycomb bot.

In our case for example we added a special role for every user that has at least one of our Waxel Ninja Avatars in his wallet. More custom roles will follow.

Every user that has a wallet linked to his Discord account (from another server that uses Honeycomb) or wants to get his wallet linked, will get the “Verified” role on our Discord server by typing /wallets inside our chat rooms (where Honeycomb is active).
!!! This is a necessary step, otherwise you won’t get the “Verified” role assigned !!!

If you already have a wallet linked, the bot will tell which one is linked.

If you do not yet have a wallet linked you have to take these steps:

  • Use the command “/honeycomb in a direct message to the bot
    • Discord user “Honeycomb#5784”
  • Follow the steps the bot shows you
  • Get a honeycomb NFT (for only $0.5)
  • Transfer this NFT to the WAX account “worker.sixpm” using the exact memo the bot shows you
    • This memo-code is unique for your account, so don’t use any other
    • The bot will also provide a link for you that includes the code right into the memo field.
  • Use command “/wallets add [your wax address here]” in our #bot-commands channel
  • Click on your username and check if you have the “Verified” role assigned

You only need to link a wallet once, and then you can use it in any server that uses the Honeycomb bot – you can do this by just typing /verify

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