Focus on “Play & Own” instead of “Play 2 Earn”

Most people that are here for months or even years had to realise at some point, that the “Play 2 Earn” or “Play and Earn” model was never really sustainable in the first place.

What we had, have been NFT projects popping up left and right like no tomorrow with fancy graphics, a lot of marketing and an economy that was driven by being early in a project and hoping for people coming in later that were willing to pay a higher price for the stuff that others got cheaper before them.

As soon as new people stopped coming, you could saw a decline of demand. The things people earned for playing / owning certain NFTs / coins got more and more each day while the demand kept falling and falling.
This lead to low prices for the things people earned, getting frustrated or even angry at the people behind the projects for not being able to “fix” the economy and ultimately leaving the project for good.
Instead of having fun while playing and enjoying being part of a community like in traditional games, the focus for most people was earning and how to get the most ROI (return on invest).

We never have been big fans of the “Play 2 Earn” phrasing and therefore also added “Play and Earn” everywhere, but that was also not perfect. We went with this phrasing, because it was the standard in the NFT / crypto space and everyone instantly knew what the project was about.
This is why we came to the conclusion to abandon the “Play 2 Earn” / “Play and Earn” phrasing and go instead with “Play & Own“.
(We will just use it here and there on social media as it drives the most attention as it is still heavily used / known).

The most important thing to us is that you really want to play our games, have fun and be part of the community while really owning the digital assets you got while playing, as airdrops, in giveaways or buying.

Therefore we rephrased everything from “earn” to “own” on our website, all social media channels and Discord.

We hope that this will give a more clear picture about what we stand for and what we want to accomplish with Waxel as whole together with you!

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