Current State and Future of Waxel

Dear Waxels,

we hope this message finds you well. We write to you today with a heavy heart and hope that you will understand the difficult decision we’ve had to make. You most probably could already guessed it looking back at the past weeks, but for the foreseeable future, we will have to treat Waxel as a hobby project and will no longer be able to devote our full-time or even part-time efforts to its active development.

The past months have been incredibly challenging for us, both professionally and personally. As you know we are a small indie team without any previous experience in developing a video game while trying to navigate an uncertain economic landscape, with the whole crypto and NFT market going through a rough period, and our costs of living steadily increasing​​. These factors have significantly impacted our ability to cover our personal costs and fund the continuous development of Waxel.

Each one of us has had to find alternative means to meet our personal financial obligations. Frittchen has returned to some of her past projects and now can’t event work part-time on Waxel, while I (Ryu) have had to revert to full-time work as a quality engineer on a freelance basis​​.

We’ve always strived to be transparent with our community, and we believe it is important for you to know why we’ve had to make this decision. While we truly wish we could devote all our time to Waxel, it is simply not possible in the current situation​.

This decision comes after a period of intense work on our part. Between February, March, and early April 2023, we gave our all to Waxel. We rolled out constant updates, shared sneak peeks, and even expanded on the game’s lore, despite not earning anything substantial from the project for a long time.

We also understand that the sense of community around Waxel has not been as vibrant as we had hoped. Despite our best efforts, we’ve noticed that our updates and announcements are met with limited response. It was indeed disheartening to see that our posts barely received emoji reactions from more than ten people and our chat was often quiet.

However, we want to stress that we are not abandoning Waxel. Instead, we will continue to nurture it as a hobby project, and we still remain optimistic about its future. We truly believe in the potential of Waxel and hope that when the situation improves, we will be able to return to it with renewed vigor and a stronger commitment.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time. We deeply appreciate every single member of our community, and we are truly sorry for the changes we’ve had to make. We promise to keep you updated on any future developments and hope to keep the spirit of Waxel alive in whatever way we can. If anyone from the community or someone you know wants to help with the development of Waxel, feel free to contact us via DM.

PS: Of course the website, game, Discord and all social media channels will stay online and get system / blockchain updates if needed!

Warm regards,
The Waxel Team

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