#CreatorsFirst – WAX is spending $10,000

As you know Waxel is running on the wax blockchain. We even included WAX in our name because WAXEL consists of WAX and PIXEL. When we started Waxel, we believed in the blockchain / NFT technology and the future of the WAX blockchain – and we still do of course. As many other creators we see ourselves as part of the WAX ecosystem and want to look into the future.

But now we need your help! The WAX blockchain team recently announced that they want to support creators by buying WAX NFTs from the secondary market – worth up to $10,000! You can now nominate your favorite projects by March 21 to be part of the #CreatorsFirst campaign: you just have to follow these few simple steps:

  1. Go to the #CreatorsFirst Nomination Page
  2. Type in your own WAX wallet address
  3. Nominate your favorite project – We hope it is Waxel of course 😉
  4. Paste the Collection link, i.e.: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/wax-mainnet/waxelninjas1
  5. Specify more details why you nominate this collection

Thank you very much for your support and thanks to WAX blockchain for this opportunity!
If you want to know more about #CreatorsFirst – The $10,000 Spree, click here to read the medium article from WAX.io.

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