Adding Rankings to the Waxel Ninjas Rarity Table

The past days we worked on a new addition to our Waxel Ninjas – Rarity Table

As didn’t answer us yet and we wanted to give our community some guidance to the rarity of all 10,000 Waxel Ninjas, we added a new column called “Rank” on our own:

  • The ranking is based on a very simple formula that takes into account the rarity of the different attributes, amount of least outcomes and matching suit colors (2x and 3x) to give you a feeling of which Waxel Ninjas are most probably the rarest ones
  • It is also subject to change as we are going to tweak the numbers based on community feedback
  • You need to take into account that different color combinations, animations, visuals and even mint numbers are subject to personal preferences and can be deemed more rare
  • Additionally you can now also sort in all columns

At the bottom of the page we added some more advanced statistics like an overview of Waxel Ninjas that combined have X amount of X attributes and Waxel Ninjas and their matching suit colors (head, torso and feet).

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