A Waxel PFP is in the works

A couple days ago we informed you that we are cooking something and now is the time to reveal what is going on in the kitchen.

After months of pretty much only working in boring 9 to 5 jobs / projects it was time for some creative and fun work again.
With all the projects on WAX right now releasing PFPs, we decided to also give it a try and work on a special Waxel PFP!

So the past weeks 2 have been full of planning, drawing, trying things out and we are now at a point where we are happy with how the different assets work together as a PFP.

What you can expect from our PFP:

  • Will include many of the art pieces you already know from Waxel (like for example the professions), but adjusted to fit a generative PFP format and A LOT of new assets you haven’t seen before
  • No recoloring of assets as every single one will be visually different
  • Real backgrounds and not just single colored ones or with a color gradient
  • Tribute to the NFT space with a special focus on the WAX NFT space
  • We want to include you in the creating process over the next weeks by asking what assets you would like to get added and collabs with other projects / people
  • Pop culture relevant assets that pretty much anyone from us knows
  • There won’t be any fixed roadmap for this PFP as this is meant to be a collectible for having fun and bringing the WAX community closer together
  • There is no release date, price or amount yet as we are still in the process of drawing, adding new assets and adjusting them accordingly to work witch each other

Be prepared to see a lot of sneak peeks and questions directed to you over the next few weeks to create this PFP project together!

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