2021 Waxel recap

Time flies and we are already at the end of the year 2021.

2021 is the year where everything regarding Waxel began. Early this year we (Ryu, CoinCobra and Frittchen) came together to create some NFTs without even knowing where this project that we started would lead us to. Within the first weeks we knew that we wanted more than just an NFT collectible drop! We decided on an NFT Game and started working out all our plans, organizational structures etc.. 

Lists with all our to-do points and lists with things we needed were created. All the questions that came up were the reason for some headaches and sleepless nights but week after week things got more clear, more predictable and we found solutions to realize. 

Since none of us came into this team with an NFT-creator background, we quickly found out that not all of our ideas were even technically possible. After a few hurdles we were on the right path and never left it. Some of us decided to terminate our 9 to 5 jobs and other projects to be fully committed to Waxel. 

Within the last year we created something that isn’t just fun, we created something that is our job now and which will even grow bigger in the future. 

After starting our social media channels and our discord we found amazing people within the NFT community which are as hyped as we are for this whole NFT space and pixel art. When we decided to do the first drop (which was the Waxel Ninja Avatar drop) we just wanted to get a feeling of the NFT community and how our NFTs would be received. When the avatars were sold out within hours we knew that this project had the potential to grow into the game we were dreaming about! 

Soon people from all over the world started to join our community. Our social media channels and discord grew and friendships were made within our own little bubble of pixel art lovers and ninja fans. A special thanks goes out to our Discord mods which are a significant help and support for us on a daily basis. 

This last year was a rollercoaster of NFT drops, sleepless nights with a lot of work and a lot of laughter within our community. We are truly thankful for all of you! Without you we could have never done this and we’re so happy that you decided to join us on this journey! 

We promise you even more fun next year, new drops and of course our biggest milestone the Waxel World where everyone will be able to play with his Waxel Ninjas.

We wish all of you an amazing New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year!

The Waxel Team

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