Waxel World – Play & Earn Game on the WAX Blockchain

Waxel World is the new Play & Earn game on the WAX Blockchain. Send your Waxel Ninjas into the wild to find Citizens for your settlement and train them to become professions. Gather materials to craft new items that help you on your journey – and remember this is just the beginning!

New to the Waxel World?

You’re new to Waxel World and want to start playing?
All you need is at least 1 Waxel Ninja from our collection of 10,000 Waxel Ninjas. You can either buy an unopened pack from our official drop and see how lucky you can get or you can buy a discounted (and already revealed) Waxel Ninja on the WAX marketplace:

You can find more information about the Waxel World and the Waxel collection itself on our website which can be seen as our whitepaper.

If you still have questions about the gameplay or anything else, feel free to join our Discord.