Waxel World News #7


  • You can check in our last Waxel News #6 what was already working
  • The following was added:
    • Citizen NFT packs can be burned and their quantity is added to the account
    • Gathering / searching for raw materials with all gatherer professions
    • Refining raw materials to refined materials with all refiner professions
    • Crafting items with all crafter professions
    • Equipping items on the according gatherer profession to get boosts
  • As you can see most on the smart contracts side is finished and ready to be tested

Art / Assets:

  • The citizen and professions are finished
    • You already had the pleasure to meet Luke the Lumberjack
    • I’m pretty sure that in the next days you will also meet some of the other professions
  • All materials and items are also finished
  • Next step will be the creation of the title / intro screen
  • We will add a #sneak-peek channel in Discord where we will drop all the asset / art pieces one of the other until the release of Waxel World


  • The concept for the UX / UI is finally finished and ready to be developed
  • Believe me that I would never thought that it takes so long… there are like a million possibilities with arranging elements and having meaningful user journey paths
  • But have a look for yourself how the concept looks like we will develop on:


  • Besides the direct work on the Waxel World, we are also going to also do the following:
    • After all the art / assets are finished, we are going to create a video trailer
    • Our website will also be overhauled to look more like a “video game” project
    • Order fitting background music for the title / intro and ingame screen

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