Waxel Halloween – Summary

Special Waxel Ninjas Halloween pack

  • We are speechless that you guys have bought a total of 710 packs until now!
  • If you still want to get a pack, you have about 1 more hour until 5PM CEST to purchase on NeftyBlocks
  • All Waxel Ninja avatar holders already got their pack airdropped and most that won in the quizzes and giveaways from who we got the WAX wallet address

Halloween contest winners

  • 1. place goes to “SilverHawk” with 20 votes (second highest was also “SilverHawk” with 19, but every participant can only win 1 prize)
  • 2. and and therefore also 3. place goes to “redgyarados” / “Dangus” / “LouCord ???????? not a dude” as all 3 got 17 votes each
    • As the 2nd prize was 10 Halloween packs and the 3rd 5 Halloween packs we asked the 3 if they are fine with getting 8 Halloween packs each and they said yes :slight_smile:
  • Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone that participated in the contest
Entry from “SilverHawk”

Entry from “Dangus”

Entry from “redgyarados”

Entry from “LouCord ???????? not a dude”

Speaking for the whole team we thank you very much for celebrating Halloween with us!

Now we will work 110% on the Waxel World in order to be able and release it in Q4 2021!

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